Horse Creek Ranch


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History - Horse Creek Ranch (HCR)

  • 2015 - to present - new private campground open

  • 2008 8 page article in Season Dutch magazine

  • 2006 HCR business of the year award from Growth Alberta 2008

  • 2006 Canada's Top Trails featuring HCR in Northern Horse Review (Sandhills Wildland Park)

  • 2005 World Master Games orienteering finals on HCR

  • 2004 Major magazine from Germany visit HCR

  • 2003 UK top newspapers visit HCR

  • 2001 US travel writers visit HCR

  • 1999 8 page article in Dutch Horse magazine de Hoefslag

  • 1998 HCR organize centennial trial ride ''Klondike gold rush''

  • 1996 HCR start guest ranch - opens to public

Recent Article about Horse Creek Ranch and the Sandhills Wildland Park




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