Story of the ...
Gold Rush Centennial Trail Ride (held in) Fort Assiniboine Alberta, Canada, August 26 - 30, 1998

'Go for the Glitter'

Horse Creek Ranch hosted a re-enactment of the legendary spirit of '98... 1898 that is on The Klondike Trail... early Canada's adventure at striking it rich!

Remember the stories, the legends of how gold fever captured the minds, hearts and souls of men and women and caused them to head north into the rugged frontier to seek their fortune. Some found the 'glitter' only to lose it, others could almost taste it but never found it; while a few amassed a small fortune. This was the time of such characters as "Skookum Jim" and "Tagish Charly" and of the adventure along the Klondike Trail , which for some was a two year trek through the wilderness all based on the hope of striking it rich.

While many travelled the West Coast routes, some 2,000 prospectors went through Fort Assiniboine via Edmonton along the Klondike Trail; they travelled by pack horses and burros in the summer and by sleigh and dog team in the winter northwest to the Yukon. That's where George Carmack an Illinois man made the first discovery while on a fishing trip in 1898. His find netted him $1,200 and sparked a rush of prospectors from across North America and Europe.

We Relived History...

We re-created history. It was a memorable summer for modern-day riders who  experienced an unforgettable ride into the past. We relived the days of amateur gold seekers, riding parts of the original Klondike Trail. We passed through breath-taking scenery in the Fort Assiniboine Sandhills Wildland Park and camped out under a brilliant, starlit sky.

We panned for gold along the Athabasca River, whooped it up in the Klondike Saloon and finished off with a four-hour outdoor Country Jamboree featuring the Poverty Plainsmen.

Everyone was wearing their most authentic period cowboy gear and throughout the event guests found themselves in the middle of surprise skits, stunning scenery and plenty of Alberta history.

Where did we go ... what did we do?

The Gold Rush Centennial Trail Ride took place just two hours northwest of Edmonton at Fort Assiniboine (see map - 58K). 

To take part in this special 5 day celebration, guests had to be over 12 years old and able to ride their own horse or be in their own wagon. Guests brought tenting gear for camping in the park and on the trail. Campers and RVs were welcome in town for the first and last day of the event.  Participants supplied their own horse or horse and wagon. 

Sponsors of the ride ...

The Gold Rush Centennial Trail Ride Committee (a branch of the Fort Assiniboine Community Tourism Association) partnered with the Global Country Heritage Foundation in this non-profit venture. 

In addition sponsors and contributors for this special event included Global Country Heritage Foundation, 790 CFCW Radio, Edmonton, The Municipal District of Woodlands No. 15 and Alberta North, Tourism Destination Region.

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